Delivery by courier to EU countries
    Producer: Dental Hygiene



    The capacity of the unit container with fluid: 1500 ml (120 rinses)
    Sterile and easy replacement in the dispenser
    Eco-friendly packaging for the environment
    To choose from: spearmint flavor (mint)
    Low cost single-use liquid

    Laboratory tested composition of the fluid provides:

    Easy and fast oral hygiene, even in hard to reach places
    Noticeably fresh breath for a long time
    Neutralizes taste of food, tobacco, coffee, alcohol, etc.
    РAntiseptic and disinfecting properties and thus ensures prevention of respiratory disease
    Protection against dental caries and plaque on teeth
    Strengthening the gums

    The products are approved for sale in EU and have the appropriate permits and certificates.

    Ingredients: alkohol, cpc, xylitol, mentol, glycerin, citric acid, methyl.


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