Do You want to offer Your customers, employees all day freshness and well-being?

We know what is a daily discomfort in the mouth after the coffee, cigarette, food…

We have a new ideal solution for You:

Mouthwash with dispenser and cups for rinsing and oral hygiene!

– Always easy and convenient access to the cups and antibacterial mouthwash
– Modern patented technology
– Prestige and recognition for Your company
– Distinction from the competition
– Very low cost of ownership (only 8 cents for single use dispenser)
– Fast and cheap delivery by courier in European Union countries



Our mouthwash dispenser is a lot better than maintaining one bottle of mouthwash for those who have several individuals using it in your house/office. The particular dispenser provides you with the ability to push a button and have the proper amount of mouth wash put right into a cup.

When you wish to eliminate the bacteria in your oral cavity, you need to use a tooth brush, floss, and use mouth wash. If you perform all of these points frequently your teeth, gums, and entire mouth area will remain healthy. For those who have more than one person using a container of mouthwash, it is difficult to keep the actual pot clean. Germs via various fingertips as well as other peoples mouths could possibly get on the container which may distribute unhealthy germs to everyone in the house. However, this is much less likely to happen if you have a mouthwash dispenser.

If you have a mouthwash dispenser in your toilet, everyone may have their own mug to make use of just like each person has their own tooth brush. For those who have more than one toilet/bathroom, it is a good idea get a dispenser for each one of these. You can keep disposable paper cups nearby so that you can freshen your mouth whenever.

The main purpose of the mouthwash dispenser would be to keep everybody from using the same container. If you have a little bathroom, you could get one which brackets on the walls for easy access and minimal spilling. When you get a see-through mouthwash dispenser, you can see if it needs to be refilled. Rinsing the mouth area with a decent anti-bacterial mouth wash is very important, so you need to make sure that you do not run out.

An excellent mouthwash dispenser is necessary to be able to keep your mouth free from bacteria. Just like you have separate tooth paint brushes for each individual in your house to prevent multiplication of mouth bacteria, you want to have individual cups for your mouthwash. There are lots of individuals who use the top of the mouth wash bottle as a cup. However, when this is done, it is easy to spread germs. Having a mouthwash dispenser inside your bathroom stops people from using the actual cap in the container, and prevents germs from spreading.